Several different forms of work mixer works Fixed mixer is installed in the pre-prepared, based on the whole can not be moved. Its bulky, high production efficiency, and more for stirring or mixing station floor. Mobile mixer itself with wheels, and the small size, high efficiency low cost hot sale dry cement mixer in china light weight, so good mobility. Apply to small and medium sized temporary works. Rotation job type feed, mixing, discharging three processes is based on a certain time interval cycle, namely by mixing parts. Since the mixing of various materials have been accurate weighing, mixing quality so good. Currently we use this type of practices. Continuous mode of operation of the above sub-processes in a longer cylinder body continuously. Although their productivity relatively high cycle mode of operation, but because of the mix of various materials, mixing time is difficult to control, so stirring poor quality. Currently less use. Tilt-stirring drum mixer by tilting discharge, rather than tipping mixer is mixing drum by reverse discharge. Requirements for the safe operation of six concrete mixers 1. The concrete mixer should be installed on a flat solid place and stable support pad. Station should pad plastic plate or dry wood. 2. Before starting machine should be checked, security guards and roller, confirm the safety equipment, no tools, debris in the drum. 3. The feed process, forbidden head or hand into view or Tanmo between hopper and frame. 4. When the hopper is raised prohibited in italy technology twin shaft concrete mixer jobs below. Measures must be taken to clean up the feed hopper fixed firmly former pit. 5. The operation of the process must not be hand or tool into the mixer. 6. Job Actions should concentrate, not free to leave their posts. When concrete mixer malfunction, should immediately cut off the power. 7. Before the operator into the stirring drum maintenance and cleaning, you must turn off the power, remove the fuse box town good power, and let someone custody. 8. After the job should fall to the hopper hopper pit. Hopper must be fixed when the hopper is raised. Concrete mixer stirring manner which 1, since the fall general mixing concrete mixing plastic and semi-plastic, self-loading mixer is put together, the mixed material was stirred in a rotating shell, the shell with the rotation of stirring blades inside the drum to mix elevated to a certain height, then spilled down by gravity free. This over and over again stir until mix up. 2, the compulsory mixer are generally applicable oem large sand casting steel ring gear ring for cement mixer to mixing dry concrete means stirring shell does not move, but by the rotation of the inner drum shaft forced mixing blades are set, this compulsory mixer mixing good quality, high production efficiency, but power consumption and blade wear faster.